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 Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

At Calfrac our Mission is to safely and efficiently provide the highest possible degree of expertise, innovation and service to our customers by maintaining the Company’s focus on people, equipment and technology.

Below are the key principles that form our Vision and provide the framework to execute our Mission.

Service First: Provide the highest degree of expertise, innovation and service. To create value for Calfrac’s customers and greater opportunities for our employees, Calfrac continually strives for operational excellence under its key principle, Service First. From technology investments to customer care to employee achievement, Calfrac seeks to maintain its leadership position as the preferred provider to its customers by delivering its services with the highest possible degree of quality, efficiency, safety, and integrity.

Technologies that Work in the Field: Invest in technologically advanced assets and chemistry. The quality of Calfrac’s assets and chemistry is fundamental to the viability of a long-life, specialized oilfield service company that serves a global market. Hydraulic fracturing operations are constantly improving through advances in technology, which are intended to translate into capital efficiencies and enhanced well productivity and reserves for Calfrac’s customers.

The impact of technology in delivering value-added solutions begins in our own operations with the ability to share ideas and best practices, support regional and global customers, improve productivity, increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact and drive continuing growth. Calfrac is committed to continuing to invest in technology and engineering to maintain its leading market position and serve its customers in innovative and effective ways.

People Make the Difference: The foundation of our success is our people. At Calfrac we believe in continually strengthening our team of employees. Among the greatest challenges facing the oilfield services sector is maintaining and growing a reliable, qualified and dedicated workforce. Employee development is a vital part of Calfrac’s efforts to strengthen the organization and assure that it has the right people in place at the right time.

Service Line Expansion: Expand and diversify our products and services. Calfrac has made major investments in specially designed fracturing, coiled tubing, cementing and other well servicing solutions. Each of these service lines offers opportunities to add value through innovative technologies and equipment designs that improve operating efficiency, reduce environmental impact, lower the costs of bringing new reserves on-stream for our clients – and deliver results. Our equipment is modern, state-of-the-art and readily deployable to operating locations worldwide.

Geographical Expansion: Expand our global presence and network. Calfrac believes that through its presence in the world’s top four fracturing markets – Canada, the United States, Russia and Mexico – the Company is strongly positioned to serve customers in their major operating areas. Our established operating bases in Canada, the United States, Russia, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia form a springboard for our future growth by levering the operating advantages of an on-site presence, dedicated equipment, the experience of our locally based people, our technological advantages and our established customer base. We continually evaluate market opportunities in other geographical segments.

Field-proven Technologies and Specialty Equipment. With an ever-expanding fleet of modern, well-maintained and specially designed fracturing, well servicing and cementing units, Calfrac is able to respond quickly to customer demand and new opportunities by mobilizing equipment and personnel wherever required in minimal time and cost. Calfrac has developed proprietary technologies that provide required hydraulic viscosities with minimum additives that optimize proppant placement and enhance fracturing fluid recovery. Calfrac’s large and growing pressure-pumping horsepower – we have one of the largest-capacity fleets in western Canada – enables us to service the largest fracturing jobs without straining our overall equipment capacity or availability.

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