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 Why Choose Calfrac

We understand the stakes: today’s high-impact unconventional oil and natural gas wells are expensive, commodity prices can be volatile, and service efficiency is critical. You need to minimize risks and maximize results – the highest possible well productivity, the greatest possible reservoir drainage – to meet your company’s thresholds for economic returns. You need to create predictability and repeatability so you can keep growing the play.

Calfrac shares your goals: that’s what makes us Customer-Centric. Everything we do is driven by our commitment to helping you succeed. Many of our people have been in this industry for decades. We understand far more than just our own pressure-pumping equipment: we have a deep understanding of oil and natural gas reservoirs – including the complex shale and tight sand/siltstone intervals being pursued nowadays. That helps us develop the right fracturing programs, integrated with our continually evolving in-house chemistries, to deliver the optimum well completion results you’re counting on.

Here’s what Calfrac means by Customer-Centric:

  • We custom-design our own equipment to deliver high performance and reliability under the harshest conditions worldwide;
  • Our in-house lab facility is continually evolving our line-up of fracturing fluids and innovative chemistries, which are designed specifically for unconventional oil and natural gas formations;
  • Our Technology and Training Centre in Calgary, Alberta provides quality control for all products and tailor-made chemical solutions. Fluids are tested under simulated bottom-hole conditions and our acid blends are designed to stimulate reservoirs that were damaged through the drilling process;
  • We have exclusive worldwide rights to patented technologies, and we have direct control over our chemical supply chain as well as the other key commodities used in well completions; and
  • Our new product development is aimed at creating greener and safer chemistries.

Your success is our success. We’re a growth business, we’ve been through more than one economic cycle and we intend to succeed for the long term. Our geographical diversification enables us to redeploy equipment and crews to the most active areas, helping to maintain equipment utilization and operating margins.


Join The Team

Every full-time position at Calfrac offers:

  • Competitive wages;
  • Comprehensive benefits;
  • Extensive training;
  • Opportunity for advancement.

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