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 Components of A Successful Fracturing Program

Components of a Successful Fracturing Program

Many things are needed to put together a successful fracturing program and deliver the well results the customer is looking for. Key components are briefly discussed below.

Frac Design

We approach every planned hydraulic fracture treatment as unique. We provide gelled hydrocarbon, slick water, emulsified (carbon dioxide/water or oil/water) and straight carbon dioxide-based fracturing treatments – depending on the particular reservoir’s characteristics and our customer’s objectives. Calfrac’s fracturing fluids are being continually improved through our R&D capability, and benefit from the industry’s strictest quality control.

Design begins with identifying detailed characteristics of the target formation’s reservoir rock, looks at potential productivity and takes in the customer’s goals. Precise reservoir modelling, based on the deep reservoir knowledge of our experienced geologists and engineers, enables us to forecast potential productivity for a range of variables.

Fracture Optimization

Our Technical Services team optimizes the fracture treatment to ensure superior results in the field by using a combination of numerical simulators, analytical models and databases. Our fracture modelling software enables us to simulate fracture geometry, forecast production and perform net present value and economic analysis.

Digital Job Information System

This Calfrac-designed system enables collection and dissemination of information throughout the company concerning materials, programming, customer requests, inventories, equipment availability and location, weather, scheduling and pricing. Integrating all of this material helps achieve successful, efficient and safe execution of the fracturing job.

Increasing Productivity of Your Well Completions

Our fracture optimization services are designed to increase your hydrocarbon production. Using logs and offset well data, as well as history-matching and post-treatment production data, our Technical Services team can design the best solution – whether in shale gas, tight sands, emerging light oil plays, conventional reservoirs or international operations.

Economic Analysis

Optimization isn’t simply about maximizing production at all costs. Our job-sizing analysis evaluates net present value and other economic factors, such as potential production, profitability and costs, and integrates these with the reservoir’s characteristics and your company’s goals, in order to help you arrive at the solution that’s best for you – technically and economically.

Experience Counts

Fracture optimization requires weighing all the data, project parameters and the customer’s goals. That’s where Calfrac’s experience counts. When we say our Technical Services team is second to none, we mean our team of fracture experts and engineers have the practical industry experience, technical knowledge and customer-centric attitude to deliver superior results. The Technical Services team’s expertise is combined with Calfrac’s state-of-the-art equipment and our superbly trained and safety-conscious field operators.

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R & D Drives Forward Our Capabilities

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