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 Equipment Used in Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing requires custom-designed and purpose-built equipment. A complement or “spread” of equipment needed to carry out a fracturing job normally consists of:

  • A blender to combine chemicals, base fluid and proppant into specific mixes of fracturing fluids;
  • A number of high-horsepower fracturing pumpers, dependent upon the pumping pressure and rate required for the fracture. For some jobs, Calfrac uses its unique combined blender-pumper-data van-iron truck that was custom-designed for fracturing through coiled tubing and fracturing with foam operations;
  • A chemical additive unit to hold and deliver each chemical in controllable quantities in order to blend the fracturing fluid. Calfrac sometimes incorporates this unit into its blenders to increase efficiency and reduce the physical footprint of the spread at a particular well location;
  • An iron truck or trailer used for transporting and rigging-up the high-pressure lines or “iron” that use manifolds to connect the various components of the fracturing spread and wellhead;
  • A computer van equipped with monitoring, data recording, satellite communication and remote pumper controls to monitor and control the treatment and also record the data related to each phase of the fracture;
  • One or more pumping units to pump the energizer (carbon dioxide or nitrogen); and
  • Various equipment to transport, store and deliver the proppant and energizer.

Calfrac has a complete, modern, well-maintained and continually growing line-up of fracturing equipment capable of completing any type of fracturing job.

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