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We partner with our customers in every sense of the word – collaborating, innovating and executing. When you call Calfrac, you deal with experts – technical specialists who are thoroughly trained and experienced. They work as a team to put together the fracturing program or other pressure pumping solution that’s exactly right for the reservoir you’re working on, and will give you the results you’re looking for. They also provide economic analysis and optimization solutions for your proposed well development approach. When we execute, you’ll be able to monitor the job in real-time through a satellite link from the field site to our Customer Centre or your companys offices.

Top-Tier People

We’re lifelong specialists in the world of pressure pumping. Our senior management members have decades of experience in field operations, chemistry, geology, engineering, equipment design – knowing what will work and what won’t. Our field supervisors have everything it takes to get the job done efficiently and safely. Everyone who joins Calfrac is thoroughly trained before they touch any equipment – and is individually mentored as they progress through the stages. Our focus on training and safety attracts good people. And our international teams understand the local markets and the needs of our customers wherever they operate.

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Research & Development

Calfrac’s singular quest is to provide customers with a suite of continually improving fracturing fluids and chemical blends that can get the most out of any reservoir – shale, sand or carbonate, oil or natural gas – no matter how complex or challenging. Our in-house lab facility, the Technology and Training Centre in Calgary, and our exclusive worldwide rights to patented in-house technologies create a powerful combination: continually-improving fluids and chemistries – including a focus on creating greener chemicals – consistent quality, and complete control over our chemical supply chain. Whether it’s oil-based or slick-water fracturing, or acid blends for well stimulation, we’re pushing forward all the time – and we thoroughly test our innovations under simulated bottom-hole conditions in the lab before applying them in the field. More...

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Purpose-Built Equipment, Secure Supplies and Expert Logistics

With state-of-the-art equipment features and controls, and a pressure-pumping fleet growing to almost $1 million horsepower by early 2013, Calfrac has the muscle and technology to succeed in today’s demanding completions scenarios. From our revolutionary new Sandstorm proppant-handling system, to our 2,500-horsepower quintuplex pumper to our high-rate blenders, Calfrac’s equipment is meticulously maintained and tailored to our customers’ needs. It meets today’s unconventional completions requirements – up to 20 or even more fractures per horizontal leg, placing hundreds of tonnes of proppant – even in the harshest conditions, and it’s deployable worldwide. Calfrac’s expert logistics, storage facilities, transportation network and secure supplies of the key commodities – sand, water CO2, N2, cement and chemistries – ensure efficient utilization of our equipment fleet. We now place literally billions pounds of sand in a year! It all adds up to timely service delivery and successful well completions. More...

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Engineering and Geology

To Calfrac, pressure-pumping isn’t a commodity, it’s a crucial part of completing our customer’s well. Doing it right begins with understanding the nature of the geology that might be 3,500 metres or more beneath our feet. It means understanding how potentially heterogeneous or multi-zone reservoir rock can react to different fracturing pressures, proppants, fluid types and chemical blends. That’s part of the job, and Calfrac’s technical team prides itself on understanding all the reservoirs we frac. We study reservoirs thoroughly, learning what will work best and what to avoid. We’re your technical partner in delivering productive wells. More...

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Safety & Environment

Calfrac is a safety leader. It’s about more than a commitment – it’s about results, about safety performance. It’s driven by our top-to-bottom safety culture and our state-of-the-art management system. The same goes for environmental protection. We seek ways to minimize our environmental footprint, we take care to protect against spills, and we aim our new product development at creating greener and safer chemistries. Our customers, employees and the public all expect it – and Calfrac delivers.

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Safety First

A safe working environment is what you can expect from Calfrac.

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