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As our customers drill into deeper, tighter and more complex reservoirs, and place larger fractures into longer-leg multi-stage horizontal wells, Calfrac’s R&D department drives forward our capabilities. We seek to achieve continuous improvements in fracturing fluids and other chemistries in order to continue delivering optimum results to our customers, including achieving economic success in the types of unconventional reservoirs that were historically bypassed or overlooked.

As operating conditions become increasingly challenging, as reservoir permeability is discussed in microDarcies, nanoDarcies, and pecoDarcies, Calfrac’s laboratory performs continuous, specialized R&D to allow our worldwide operations to keep up with our customers’ unique needs.

The focus of Calfrac’s R&D department is to create products that improve performance, increase efficiencies and minimize risks to the environment. We generate new or improved products every year, some of which are patented. Calfrac R&D department is also working actively to provide greener chemistries that are effective in this harsh environment.


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We perform thousands of fracture treatments.

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