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Mast Coiled Tubing Units

Calfrac’s mast coiled tubing units provide the industry with the latest up-to-date coiled tubing technologies.

Calfrac’s mast coiled tubing units operate using a self-contained mast that is erected over the well. This maximizes safety and stability at the wellhead, is more efficient to rig-in and faster to operate. The typical applications of mast coiled tubing units are on deeper wells and multi-well pads where larger-diameter tubing is required. Mast coiled tubing units are becoming more common. Calfrac’s mast coiled tubing units are built with robust equipment with ample design capacities.

Some of the major benefits that the mast contributes are:

  • Efficient rig-up;
  • Safe and secure overhead lifting; and
  • Smaller footprint for environmental concerns.

As in all of Calfrac’s units, the controls are touch-screen and programmable logic control-based to enable the operator to manage an array of complex processes with the touch of a finger.

Coiled Tubing Diameter and Reel Depth Capacity


25.4 mm

88.9 mm





To 6,000 m

To 6,000 m



Design Picture

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