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 Fracturing Equipment Profiles

Combination Frac Pumper-Blender

Frac pumper specs:

  • 1,500 hp engine;
  • Eight-speed transmission;
  • Triplex pump with 5” fluid end;
  • Maximum discharge rate 15 bbls/min; and
  • Remote controlled.

Blender Specs:

  • Hydraulically driven dry-eye blending tub;
  • Single 12” sand auger;
  • Maximum sand concentration of 20 ppg;
  • Maximum discharge rate 30 bbls/min; and
  • Remote controlled.

Treating and flow-back manifold specs:

  • 3” figure 1502 treating iron manifold with hydraulically-actuated and remote-controlled plug valves; and
  • Manifold allows fluid to be discharged or returned from the treating line, annulus or flow-back tank.

Control Cab
Primary controls are located in the 72” custom sleeper on the truck chassis. All blender, frac pumper and manifold functions are monitored from this location. The sleeper also houses a complete data acquistion system. The blender and frac pumper can also be controlled remotely from a computer van.

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How It All Started

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