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TSX:CFW 3.455 -0.075 -2.125%


New-Generation Trailer-Mounted Blender
Capable of rates from 6-100 bbls/min.

Blend Van
Combines the functionality of blender, chemical van, data van and hydration unit.

Hydration/Buffer Unit
Utilizes CalMixer technology to hydrate water gels on-the-fly and change concentrations during the treatment.

Sand Master
Provides massive proppant storage for volumes that exceed the capacity of proppant transports and or sand bins.

CO2 Pumper
Carbon dioxide pump combination unit.

CO2 Queen Storage Unit
Holds up to 400 barrels of liquid CO2.

CO2 Transport
Moves liquid CO2 to the well site.

CO2 Boost Pump
Feeds multiple pumping units and provides pump redundancy while unloading CO2 bulkers.

Hauls, handles and transfers chemicals.

Combination Frac Pumper-Blender
Combined unit that includes treating and flow-back manifold.

Computer Vans
Large and mid-sized models for acquiring data and group pump control to operate up to 24 frac pumps.

Proppant Transports
Multiple compartments with up to 60,000 lb transport capacity.

Quintuplex Frac Pumper
High power-to-weight ratio.

Truck-Mounted Blender
Handles today’s high-viscosity fluids with high proppant concentration.

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