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We work with industry-leading software to optimize fracture design and deliverability. From tracking pre- and post-job data to complex reservoir and fracture program modelling, our tools enable us to deliver on our promises. Our Technical Services team’s electronic tools include:

  • CalFacts™ – Developed to track post-job data for future analysis, CalFacts™ is our in-house software package designed to assist with stimulation program optimization;
  • Accumap™ – Industry database for the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin used for oil and natural gas mapping, production data management and analysis;
  • Fracture Modelling –Calfrac uses a comprehensive suite of hydraulic fracturing simulation software modules from a number of leading suppliers for modelling the reservoir environment and fracture treatments;
  • FracMon™ – Calfrac’s proprietary real-time fracture data acquisition software for monitoring conditions during a frac, on-site in our computer vans and via satellite in our head office; and
  • PanSystem™ – An industry-leading software package to analyze flow and pressure build-up tests and drill-stem tests.

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R & D Drives Forward Our Capabilities

We seek to achieve continuous improvements in order to continue delivering optimum results to our customers.

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