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 Environmental Protection

Calfrac contributes actively to reducing environmental impacts from its operations. By any international measure, Canadian energy services companies operate to very high environmental standards. Still, Calfrac seeks continual improvements. Below is discussion of several current initiatives.

Chemistry formulations and handling Calfrac is continually improving the technical ability of its chemistries to deliver successful well completions and stimulations. We’re also adopting new formulations and blends that improve handling safety and environmental protection. We don't just label things as “green” – we’re developing objective scientific criteria for when a chemical can be deemed environmentally friendly and therefore accurately called “green”. We’re making a significant effort to use chemicals that are as benign as possible, in order to minimize environmental damage in the unlikely event of an accident or spill. We have very high equipment and operating standards to minimize the risks of highway accidents leading to chemical spills.

Field equipment We design our new equipment to reduce the jobsite footprint. Previous to that we combined the blending and pumping functions into a single unit for use on smaller conventional wells. By cutting the number of equipment pieces required on-site, we reduced the environmental footprint plus the amount of heavy traffic transiting rural roads.

Fluid management We are continuing to implement further environmental protection measures and are working supportively with our customers, who are responsible for sourcing fluids, hauling them to the jobsite and disposing of them safely, and who also have overall responsibility for the integrity of the oil or natural gas wellbore. We have added containment devices beneath our field equipment to safeguard against any spills from leakage during use. Our goal is to leave the well-site following pressure-pumping operations in exactly the same condition as we found it.

R&D Drives Forward Our Capabilities

R & D Drives Forward Our Capabilities

We seek to achieve continuous improvements in order to continue delivering optimum results to our customers.

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