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 Certificate of Recognition

This key Alberta provincial safety certification recognizes that an employer has developed a health and safety program that meets established provincial standards. The Alberta COR is championed and issued by the Alberta government in conjunction with an accredited certifying partner. Together with the Workers’ Compensation Board and industry safety asssociations, these bodies operate the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program.

Maintaining a company’s COR requires it to perform annual internal audits and to submit to an external audit by a government-approved external auditor once every three years. In 2011, Calfrac successfully completed our external audit for COR certification and we will continue to conduct annual internal audits to maintain our COR status.

Through its COR program, which is based on the standard industry Basic Safety Program (BSP), Alberta has become a North American leader in creating and driving the adoption of safety standards in industrial settings. In cases where a non-Alberta regulatory standard, or an internal Calfrac standard, exceeds the Alberta COR standard, we apply the highest standard that’s relevant in the other jurisdictions where we operate.

Calfrac’s approach therefore becomes a powerful tool for identifying best practices available anywhere the Company operates and applying them beneficially throughout the business. Having such a robust program – the Alberta COR, combined with best practices gathered from throughout Calfrac’s global operations – therefore suggests Calfrac is meeting or exceeding the health and safety standards of North American jurisdictions.

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Safety First

A safe working environment is what you can expect from Calfrac.

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