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 Continual Improvement Initiatives

Calfrac’s ultimate safety performance goal is to reduce injury incidents to zero, and we will strive continually towards that goal. As of mid-2011 our health and safety improvement initiatives include:

  • Extending use of the Calfrac Management System to other parts of our global operations with a goal to obtaining equivalency of safety effectiveness, measurement – and performance – from region to region;
  • Further maturing and refining the Calfrac Management System by re-examining our internal culture and moving from a focus on reacting to issues to preventative actions and behaviours. Our ultimate goal is to develop and live within a “generative” culture. This will require more planning and preparation – or “look before you leap” behaviours – resulting in even safer and smoother operations, fewer incidents and swifter, surer execution of our programs and initiatives;
  • Planning safety improvements for specific injury types by analyzing the causes that lead to the highest incidents of injury. Hand and back injuries are the major current focus;
  • Investigating which parts of the human body are most susceptible to injury in our particular types of field operations, then crafting targeted safety improvement plans, for example by designing equipment and processes that reduce the need for activities that tend to carry the risk of that particular injury. An excellent example of this is Calfrac’s “iron” trailer which has been redesigned to allow automated placement of heavy piping manifolds, thus reducing the amount of physical handling by our personnel; and
  • Expanding the adoption of JSA methodologies throughout the Company.

Safety First

A safe working environment is what you can expect from Calfrac.

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