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 Health and Safety in Global Operations

As an international operator, Calfrac seeks to apply the highest achievable standards to its field operations in other countries. Programs and processes spearheaded in Canada and the United States are being progressively applied in our other operating areas.

The general basis of the Calfrac Management System is standardized and uniform, particularly within North America. Where there are specialized local requirements, we make the required adjustments. If any provincial/state or other jurisdiction’s regulations have substantial merit to our Company as a whole and help to improve our business in other areas, we’ll adopt those aspects and update the system accordingly.

The overall approach is to recognize best practices wherever they may occur and adopt them throughout the Company where they are applicable. There are, of course, local variations that take into account the nature of the local geography, climate, infrastructure or the oil and natural gas industry’s operational characteristics. For example, the Russian Federation has very exacting federal safety standards that the Company has adopted in their entirety as a minimum, and enhances those standards when appropriate with specific Calfrac processes. In Mexico and South America, we are following the exacting standards of each customer’s country, meeting all requirements there.

 Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Calfrac's Board of Directors is committed to a high standard of corporate governance.

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