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 Objectives and Benefits

The goal of all these programs and processes is simple: to maximize safety for Calfrac’s people as well as our customers, contractors and the general public. The main performance yardsticks are the total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) and the lost-time injury frequency (LTIF) (see also Safety Performance), in addition to a number of leading (or forward-looking) safety indicators that are being developed. Calfrac showed several years of impressive reductions to these rates, and in 2012 continued to out-perform the industry-sector average as tracked by the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board. The Company’s LTIR in 2012 did go up against the previous trend, while the TRIF continued to decrease.

R&D Drives Forward Our Capabilities

R & D Drives Forward Our Capabilities

We seek to achieve continuous improvements in order to continue delivering optimum results to our customers.

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