Committed to operational excellence and service quality

In 2015, Calfrac became the first pressure pumping company and the first Canadian company in the world to become certified under API Q2 and ISO9001.

At Calfrac, we understand that quality is a fundamental requirement for customer satisfaction and we operate our business according to the highest quality standards. By having a quality program certified by American Petroleum Institute (API), Calfrac demonstrates its commitment to providing the highest levels of quality, safety and service to our customers.

What is API Q2?

API Specification Q2 is the world’s most advanced quality management standard for oil and gas service providers. Companies complying with standards focused on industry-specific risks and rewards contribute to a high level of service quality, performance and safety for customers.

Calfrac's Quality Management System

API Q2 and Calfrac’s Quality Management System ensure advanced controls are in place to reduce risk and improve service quality and performance through consistent implementation of the following:

  • Training and competency development of all personnel
  • Risk assessment and management, including contingency planning and management of change process
  • Service quality planning including controlled and managed service design
  • Product, contractor and supply chain controls and verification of products and services
  • Preventive maintenance, inspection and testing programs
  • Service performance validation
  • Continual improvement