Advanced fracturing technologies and systems

Our leading-edge technologies help our customers produce hydrocarbons safely and more efficiently while minimizing impact on the environment.

Technology specialists

Calfrac’s team of engineers, chemists, geoscientists, and technical specialists develop and test technologies and fluid systems that improve efficiency, reduce water consumption, improve water recycling, minimize risk to the environment and ultimately help wells produce more efficiently and safely.


Asset enhancement services

Asset Enhancement is a value-added service offered on hydraulic fracturing programs. Calfrac geoscientists, engineers and chemists work directly with your asset team to develop a program that aims to increase well production through predictive analysis and detailed planning. Our multi-disciplinary approach includes the following:

  • Reservoir profiling and target characterization
  • Determination of optimum additives and fluid system
  • Simulation and then finalization of frac program design
  • Real-time monitoring during fracturing and treatment adjustments if required
  • Post-frac analysis in collaboration with customer

Benefits of in-house research and development

  • New technologies and improvements to existing fracturing fluids, cement blends and other products that will continually improve the efficiency and yield of your production
  • Customer support from our labs and at your production sites so we can analyze field samples and troubleshoot challenges right at the well
  • Confidence in our products’ reliability because of stringent in-house quality control testing
  • Knowledge about the conditions of the most active plays because regional labs allow for testing and refining products on site so that you know they will work before using them

State-of-the-art labs

Our labs are positioned in strategic Calfrac district locations with regional labs servicing the United States and Canada to ensure that direct support is always available to our customers and operations.

Calfrac lab capabilities

  • Product development and advancement
  • Quality control all products prior to field use
  • Friction flow-loop testing
  • Proppant analysis
  • Core flood testing
  • Low shear rheometer
  • ICP and extended water analysis
  • RVP, rheology and gel stability testing
  • Compatibility and solubility testing
  • Emulsion testing and analysis
  • Packed column testing for surfactant evaluation
  • Microbial studies
  • Scaling tendency modelling and tube block studies
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Photo-microscope capability
  • Foam and emulsion rheology
  • Cement testing

Mobile and on-site lab capabilities

  • Well site quality control and intervention
  • Proppant analysis
  • Rheology and gel stability testing
  • Viscosity testing and reporting