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Extensive coiled tubing experience and expertise

Calfrac’s coiled tubing service line offers industry-leading capability in coiled tubing completions and interventions.

Our fleet includes:

    • Conventional coiled tubing units paired with high-capacity reel-trailers capable of deploying up to 24,000 ft (7,200 m) of 2-3/8 inches (60.3 mm) coiled tubing
    • Mast coiled tubing units, ideally suited for fast and efficient operations in shallower wells
    • Custom-designed coiled tubing strings optimized for extended reach, high-pressure operations, and fatigue performance
    • HPHT equipment for 15,000 psi operations
    • E-Coil, for live downhole telemetry during milling and annular fracturing
    • E-Coil, for logging, camera runs, and perforating

Our areas of expertise include:

    • Annular fracturing
    • Frac through coil
    • Bridge plug milling and other milling operations
    • Confirmation runs
    • Fishing
    • Logging
    • Acid stimulations
    • Drilling

    High rate annular fracturing

    With thousands of wells completed, we are experts in annular fracturing. Our coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing crews work together to ensure success on every job.

    Optimized Bridge Plug Milling

    We offer an engineered approach to bridge plug milling, utilizing comprehensive knowledge of fluid dynamics to optimize milling performance. Our coiled tubing crews milled over 3,200 bridge plugs in 2019.

    Carbonate & Sandstone Acidizing

    Calfrac offers custom acid treatment design for production and injection enhancement. We formulate treatments for skin removal and reservoir stimulation in carbonate and sandstone formations. Our in-house laboratory provides full-service diagnostic sample testing and acid blend compatibility testing capability.


    Calfrac offers E-Coil for BHA conveyance with live data telemetry at depths of up to 7,000 metres and fluid rates of up to 1 m³/minute. E-Coil enhances the operational efficiency of coiled tubing operations such as plug milling and annular fracturing by showing real-time downhole conditions and data in the control cabin and remotely in the office.

      • Acid and chemical compatible, allowing for a broad scope of applications
      • Flow-through downhole sensor package includes internal, external, & differential pressure, axial force, torque, vibration, temperature and inclination
      • Clear downhole indications eliminate uncertainty in milling operations

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