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Calfrac provides solutions for fresh and high TDS brine applications, support for high viscosity friction reducer fracture fluid systems, along with all traditional industry applications of gel based, crosslink and energized fracturing needs. Treatment types and additives are customized to meet desired operational, treatment and production objectives.

Our commitment remains the same; delivering on our brand promise to our valued customers with innovative strategies and industry-leading equipment to set new standards for the well service industry

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Calfrac has the horsepower for the most complex unconventional
and conventional basins


Calfrac strives every day to pursue initiatives to reduce our footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. Calfrac has begun a multi-year fleet modernization program to upgrade our fracturing equipment to Tier IV Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) Technology.

We’ve deployed a number of CAT 3512E DGB (Tier IV, Dual Fuel) CAT WSP Quint pumping units into our North American operations with more to come. 

These investments in next-generation equipment appropriately consider ESG factors such as emissions performance, without compromising operational reliability, cost, and execution.

Hydraulic Fracturing