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Reliable cementing solutions

Calfrac provides expert cementing services using modern, reliable equipment, experienced personnel and continually evolving cement blends.

Calfrac’s cement testing labs are state-of-the-art, with modern equipment and testing procedures that meet or exceed industry standards.

Calfrac offers primary and remedial cementing services in a variety of wells:

    • shallow and deep
    • thermal/high temperature
    • vertical and horizontal
    • low and high pressure

Calfrac uses different classes of conventional and special cements, as well as specially developed cementing systems. Our in-house cementing experts developed proprietary lightweight and ultra-lightweight cementing systems that use unconventional cement without the use of extenders.

Our specially designed, environmentally friendly spacer systems with adjustable rheology are designed for better mud removal and cleaning efficiency. In addition, we use polymer spacers to combat losses in high permeability formations or in formations with low fracture gradient.

Cementing possibilities

Primary cementing

  • Surface Casing
  • Intermediate Casing
  • Production Casing
  • Liners
  • Multi-Stage Jobs

Remedial cementing

  • Kill Wells
  • Injection Tests
  • Squeeze Jobs
  • Casing Leaks Repair
  • Plugs
  • LCM Treatment
  • Liner Hangars Repair
  • Well Abandonment

Our Services

Calfrac has introduced new technologies to our company … which have helped reduce costs and increase performance with respect to previous stimulation techniques.

Completions Manager

Major International Oil & Gas Operator

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