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Advanced fracturing technologies and systems

Our leading-edge technologies help our customers produce hydrocarbons safely and more efficiently while minimizing impact on the environment.

Technology specialists

Calfrac’s team of engineers, chemists, geoscientists, and technical specialists develop and test technologies and fluid systems that improve efficiency, reduce water consumption, improve water recycling, minimize risk to the environment and ultimately help wells produce more efficiently and safely.

Asset Enhancement Services

Advanced technical experience

Calfrac’s Asset Enhancement services team provides advanced technical expertise and in-depth analyses for your reservoir. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates best practices from reservoir characterization, hydraulic fracturing design and fracture placement operations to improve efficiencies and provide the necessary information and advice to make informed business decisions.

Maximize results

Direct technical support is always available to provide expert guidance in the following areas:

    • Regional Intelligence fracturing searches 
    • Analysis of DFIT and Step Rate Tests
    • Additive optimization 
    • Laboratory testing 
    • Geoscience support
      • Reservoir characterization
      • Petrophysical and geomechanical log processing
    • Hydraulic fracture modeling
      • Treatment design selection
      • Lateral placement optimization
      • Advanced 3D simulations
        • Pad design – multiple horizontal wells
        • Parent-child interactions
        • Stress shadowing
        • Cluster design
    • Post-frac analytics
    • Real-time fracture monitoring

Reservoir characterization and treatment design

Every reservoir and every well is unique. Expert evaluation of reservoir characteristics allows the stimulation program to be tailored to your reservoir.This customization results in the most effective treatment for your pressure pumping program.

Post-frac performance analysis

Our partnership does not end after hydraulic fracturing. We provide the follow-up analysis required to assess a treatment’s effectiveness and help to refine and optimize future stimulations.

Want to learn more?

For more information, please contact to set up a discussion specific to your resource play.

State-of-the-art labs

Our labs are positioned in strategic Calfrac district locations with regional labs servicing the United States and Canada to ensure that direct support is always available to our customers and operations.

Calfrac lab capabilities

    • Product development and advancement
    • Quality control all products prior to field use
    • Friction flow-loop testing
    • Proppant analysis
    • Core flood testing
    • Low shear rheometer
    • ICP and extended water analysis
    • RVP, rheology and gel stability testing
    • Compatibility and solubility testing
    • Emulsion testing and analysis
    • Packed column testing for surfactant evaluation
    • Microbial studies
    • Scaling tendency modelling and tube block studies
    • Corrosion inhibition
    • Photo-microscope capability
    • Foam and emulsion rheology
    • Cement testing

Mobile and on-site lab capabilities

    • Well site quality control and intervention
    • Proppant analysis
    • Rheology and gel stability testing
    • Viscosity testing and reporting

Technical Training and Education

Our customers’ success increases when they understand what we do, so we’re always available to ensure your employees are up-to-date on the latest fracturing technologies and trends. We provide customers with technical training workshops and presentations customized around what you would like to learn.

Equipment Innovation

Calfrac’s investment in equipment innovation includes proprietary designs and strategic alliances with key manufacturers. Equipment technologies and maintenance programs are in place to ensure we meet or exceed regulatory requirements to reduce emissions and noise.

Calfrac is the best frac company I have ever worked with as a consultant.


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